About Andy Mossack

I've been in the business of writing words for over 25 years.

Travel Writing and Broadcasting

 I've written about travel destinations all over the World.

I've experienced the lows of travelling. I've been completely lost in rural Poland, left abandoned in an undesirable neighbourhood in Rio, been delivered to Bahrain instead of arriving in Singapore and nearly drowned attempting to body surf off Bondi Beach.

I've also seen some unforgettable sights, experienced many different cultures and traditions, sampled some exceptional hotels and witnessed exceptional beauty and excitement.

And I've supplied all those stories for national papers, lifestyle magazines, airline magazines, web sites, radio stations and travel guides.

Andy Mossack is the creator and presenter of BBC radio's 'where in the world' series of live travelogues and appears on BBC News 24 and Radio 5 Live.


I lecture on travel for the Victoria & Albert Museum as part of their World Cities series.


I advise hotels on communicating with their guests, and how to embrace new technology to enhance their guests' experience. Customer loyalty lies at the very heart of hotel revenues and my guest relations advice focuses on increasing loyalty through better guest engagement.


I have had to successfully battle with reluctant corporate executives to get great ideas approved and  I've been in at the genesis of award winning campaigns. I've seen the  fruits of my labours come to life. And I've loved every moment of it.

Writing Workshops

I've  taught creative writing skills to enthusiastic and passionate people who suddenly realised that, despite their lack of perceived skill and confidence, they really did have the potential and ability to write well. They just needed to know how.


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