Creative writing skills workshops

How  many times have you stared at a blank piece of paper and panicked? And the more you looked at it the worst you felt. Worse stiill, how many times have you slaved over a flyer, a press release, an advert or a presentation only to find that it failed. All that mental energy wasted on copy that just made no impact on your target audience.

The good news is that there is an answer! You can create exciting and powerful copy that will motivate your audience to respond. You just need the tools and the guidance to do it. My workshops will give you the confidence to write motivating and fresh copy that will stimulate your audience and transform your business. Just imagine how you would benefit from being able to write original and effective copy. Copy that will be fully tuned-in to your target audience; that answers a given brief and most importantly delivers results. Writing effective copy is about communicating the right messages about your organisation to the right people in a way they understand and fully engage with.

This one-day skills workshop will release your imagination through giving you the building blocks to create engaging and targeted copy. You’ll get to understand the drivers that make the words you write powerfully persuasive and you’ll be able to deliver sharp, focussed and fluent content that will always hit the mark. You’ll then have the confidence to take this knowledge and apply it across any media, whether it’s an advert, a press release or a piece of direct mail. You may be new to writing, or just fancy an opportunity to freshen up your skills, but after this workshop you’ll be equipped with the all the right tools to really get your campaigns flying!

My workshop includes:
• The basic principles of copywriting • Your tone and style • Nailing headlines • Measuring and assessing your target audience • Practical exercises • Strap lines and branding • Collective team sessions

I'll also want you to bring along some of your current projects so we can work on them together.

For personal one to one sessions or corporate training in-house please email me direct here