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BBC radio travel reviews 'Where in the World is Andy Mossack?


A fun and quirky series of live travel guides as The Travel Guru on The Late Show for BBC radio. I'm in a secret destination somewhere in the world giving out mysterious clues as to where I am and listeners are invited to ring in with their suggestions. When I finally reveal my location I get to talk a little about where I am and why I'm here. Great fun. Where in the world will I be next?


Tune in and find out!


Arctic Cruise with Swan Hellenic and Nova Scotia
After an epic expedition cruise to Greenland and Arctic Canada with Swan Hellenic, Andy drops off in Halifax to explore Nova Scotia's Cape Breton and the famed Cabot Trail.
Swan Hellenic Arctic Cruise and Nova Sco[...]
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Aosta Valley
Italy's smallest region, yet this pocket rocket has it all; dramatic Alpine scenery, ancient castles and some outstanding local food and hotels.
Andy discovers fighting cows and the legendary mountain race the Tor de Geants
Aosta Valley.mp3
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The Yorkshire Trench in Ypres Re-opening
After essential extensive renovations funded through a remarkable crowd-funding programme, the Yorkshire Trench has been re-opened to the public. This historic trench was manned during WW! by soldiers from Yorkshire (hence the name) and was right on the Western front Line. It lay undiscovered for nearly 100 years and was found by accident in 1992. Andy reports on the re-opening and its remarkable story.
Yorkshire Trench Ypres.mp3
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The Isle of Man
Steeped in history and folklore and home to the world-famous annual TT road race, the Isle of Man comes on to the Andy Mossack travel destination radar.
Isle of Man.mp3
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Geneva is seen by some perhaps as just a gateway to the Alps or France but it is much more than that. Andy explores just what it has to offer as a holiday destination in its own right.
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Verbier in summer
In summer the ski runs give way to hikers, bikers, golfers and lots of warm weather outdoor fun. Andy explores Verbier's delights especially the raclette and the golf course.
verbier in summer.mp3
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Cruising through Brittany with Le Boat
A week on Brittany's canals and rivers with Le Boat's self-drive cruiser Calypso 3. Plenty of time to experience Brittany's charming riverside villages and castles.
Le Boat Brittany.mp3
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Cruising the Greek Islands With Celestyal
The easiest way to see many of the Greek Islands is by ship, particularly the smaller ones, so I do just that on Celestyal's Crystal on a 7 day voyage around the Aegean.
Greek Island cruising.mp3
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Italy's famous autonomous mountain region has over 297 lakes and plenty of stupendous landscapes to welcome tourists with open opens. Of course the world-famous Trentodoc bubbly is on tap too!
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Any visits Kazakhstan for the first time and finds himself immersed in the history, culture, and potential of a country committed to putting itself firmly on the tourist map.
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With the Americas Cup coming up in 2024, Andy explores the sights and sounds of Barcelona - the capital of Catalunya
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Qatar looks to tourism after World Cup
Following a fabulous World Cup Finals, Qatar wants to show the World it also has a lot to offer tourists who may be transiting through. Andy checks out just what awaits you.
Qatar 2.mp3
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Soma Bay Egyptian Red Sea
Soma Bay is a relatively undiscovered paradise for British Holidaymakers seeking luxury resort hotels, golf, beaches and fabulous weather. It's also the home of world-class wind and kite surfing.
Soma Bay Egypt.mp3
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Iona Cruise and Lisbon
After a thrilling two-week cruise on P&O Cruises' Iona, our final port of call was two days in Lisbon, where we were joined by Gary Barlow who performed a fabulous concert in the ship's Headliners Theatre.
Lisbon and Iona Cruise.mp3
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Kissimmee, Florida
Orlando's neighbour, Kissimmee is a perfect base for exploring the area. Near enough to visit the theme parks but also within easy reach of many other great places to explore. i even get time to visit the east coast too.
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Berlin's Hidden Places
Berlin is always an interesting city where I always find so many things to see and do. This time I'm exploring its hidden places, some things well off the regular tourist treadmill.
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Doha, The capital of Qatar
Just before the World Cup, Andy visits Doha to see how the preparations are progressing and to discover what else Doha has to offer tourists other than football.
Doha Qatar.mp3
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The Azores
An archipelago of nine islands, The Azores is most definitely the less-travelled jewel in Portugal's crown. Andy explores the islands of San Miguel and Terceira finding out about thermal rock pools and plenty of foodie options.
The Azores.mp3
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Grand Train Tour of Switzerland
Join Andy Mossack as he travels Switzerland's Great Train Tour. Travelling on iconic Swiss Panoramic trains and ships as he visits the best sights of Switzerland.
Swiss Grand Train Tour.mp3
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The fourth largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, Utrecht offers any visitor a much less crowded by equally rewarding experience. Andy Mossack climbs the Dom Tower, goes underground and 2,000 years back in time in Dom Under and pedals on Utrecht's award-winning cycle lanes.
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Pays de Gex
Another beautiful corner of undiscovered France squeezed between Lake Geneva and the Jura Mountains, a hop and skip from the Swiss border.
Pays de Gex.mp3
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Gdansk. Poland's Baltic jewel.
Poland's Pomerania region is a coastal delight. Capital Gdansk and neighbours Sopat and Gdynia offer a perfect weekend getaway by the sea.
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Exploring France's Isere Department
From the alpine peaks of The Vecors to the banks of The Rhone, Andy uncovers a region of stunning beauty and diversity.
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Windsor Platinum Jubilee
Join Andy ss the Queen's platinum jubilee officially kicked off in Windsor Great Park with the Gallup Through History show.
Platinum Jubiilee Windsor with Le Boat.m[...]
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Ras Al Kaimah
Ras Al Kaimah or RAK as it's also known is the only Emirate with three outstanding natural assets, Desert, Mountains, and Beaches. Andy visits and tries out all three!
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Back on St. Lucia
Andy is back on St. Lucia now her doors are wide open once more post pandemic. Taking in both north and south of the island including Pigeon Island, Rodney Bay, The Pitons and a drive-in volcano.
St Lucia revisited.mp3
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The Islands of Tahiti
Right in the middle of the Pacific Andy explores this remarkable but stunningly beautiful region. 118 islands, the collective size of Europe, provide the dream holiday experience.
The Islands of Tahiti.mp3
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Looking back at Malta
What Malta lacks in size tt more than makes up for in content. it's also got a very impressive CV of Hollywood blockbusters filmed there. Andy also talks about the upcoming inaugural Malta Film Awards Ceremony taking place on the island.
Looking back at Malta.mp3
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Athens, the less trodden paths.
Discovering there is another side to Athens other than just the Acropolis. Andy explores street art, the Athens Riviera down by the coast and plenty of food and drink too.
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Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius old town is a beautiful long weekend getaway any time of the year, but coming up to Christmas it is looking really festive. Andy explores the ancient streets, visits the self proclaimed rupublic of Uzupis and enjoys some wonderfully creative food.
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Vercors, SE France
Getting a taste of Alpine air always makes you feel healthy, and Andy enjoys a lot of it in the Vercors Massif in the Isere Department in southeast France. His very first overseas trip since lockdown
MP3 audio file [27.5 MB]
Quito and The Galapagos Islands
A fond look back at one of my greatest trips. Quito's volcanoes and memorable historic centre provide a fascinating curtain-raiser to The Galapagos Islands adventure. meeting species that live nowhere else on Earth.
Ecuador and Galapagos look back.mp3
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Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand
Andy visits the Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort and hangs out with its free-roaming elephant population whilst enjoying a five star welcome.
Northern Thailand.mp3
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Looking back at Carcassonne and the Languedoc
A long overdue reminisce of one of my favourite parts of France. The Languedoc, now renamed Occitanie. Beautiful beaches, lovely coastal villages and Carcassonne, one of the most well preserved medieval fortress towns in the world.
MP3 audio file [23.4 MB]
Perhaps a bit under the radar than Scotlands other major tourist locations, Aberdeenshire is nevertheless a glorious place full of ancient castles, sweeping sandy beaches, over 50 golf courses and of course, Royal Balmoral. Andy's first trip since lockdown is certainly a memorable one!
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Cayman Islands Remembered
Andy looks back on a great trip to the Cayman Islands. Stingray City, beach and surf horseriding and luminescent plankton!
Caymans Islands remembered.mp3
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Looking back at Brussels
Brussels medieval centre is jaw-dropping, Dripping with history and memorable food, particularly the chocolate and over 1,000 varieties of beers. Andy also visits the battlefield of Waterloo where he gets a frosty reception from Napoleon!
brussels remembered.mp3
MP3 audio file [29.3 MB]
Looking back at Parma
Parma is a city not to be missed on any visit to Italy. The adopted home of Verdi, the region's Parma ham is legendary and Andy never overlooks an opportunity to indulge. Particularly when there's the best of the best Parma ham called Culatello to be had.
Parma memories.mp3
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Remembering The Amalfi Coast
A truly glorious drive of hairpin bends and jaw-dropping views caps a region blessed with outstanding beauty, Roman history and memorable food.
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Looking back at Park City, Urah
One of the finest skiing and outdoor destinations in the World, Park City had lots of memorable moments for me. The luxury lifestyle, the Olympic 4 man bob, the landscapes and, of course, the hospitality!
Park City Utah.mp3
MP3 audio file [22.0 MB]
Fond memories of Las Vegas
Las Vegas is not for the shy and introverted. This resort city never fails to entertain, whether you're people watching, partying or taking full advantage of everything there is to experience. Andy talks about Las Vegas's new family friendly face.
Las vegas 2.mp3
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San Francisco
The city by the bay, San Francisco is the perfect city for walking, exploring and taking a tram up and down those hills. Andy Mossack shares some great memories of Frisco from Alcatraz to the hippy Summer of Love.
San Francisco.mp3
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Looking back at Los Angeles
Everybody knows the usual tourist hot spots in LA but Andy Mossack reveals some lesser-known treats of the Big Orange as he looks back on another memorable trip.
Los Angeles.mp3
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Remembering Philadelphia
Philadelphia has so much going for it. The birthplace of America, some stunning museums and art galleries, the Philly cheesesteaks and of course Rocky Balboa.
Philly Remembered.mp3
MP3 audio file [21.3 MB]
Tunisia Remembered
With 800 miles of Mediterranean coastline in one direction and the great Sahara desert in the other, Tunisia never fails to impress me. Of course, the vintage Star Wars sets also make it worth a visit!
Tunisia revisted.mp3
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Berlin Remembered
Berlin is the perfect destination for a city break. Literally hundreds of museums and galleries, a place of seismic historical significance, a buzzing and bohemian nightlife and more canals and rivers then Venice.
MP3 audio file [13.3 MB]
Havana Remembered
Another great memory from my travel trunk. Havana. Getting ready back in 2019 for her 500th anniversary. The old town, a remarkable project of renovation, the music, the food and atmosphere. Havana will win your heart and mind.
MP3 audio file [16.6 MB]
Sydney in Winter Memories
A fond look back at a trip I did to Sydney's VIVID sound and light festival. Takes place each year during the winter month of June. Highlight was climbing the bridge at night. Brilliant!
Sydney memories.mp3
MP3 audio file [12.8 MB]
Fond Memories of Honshu beyond Tokyo
Another memorable trip from the pre lockdown locker. Beyond Tokyo the countryside of Honshu is spectacular. In anticipation of the Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Olympics, I explored Japan's countryside prefectures of Yamanashi and Kanagawa.
MP3 audio file [15.5 MB]
Kenya Memories
A very memorable three-centre trip; Nairobi, Mount Kenya and the Masai Mara. Dinner with a minister, a safari to a pride of lions and standing astride the equator line in hotel bathroom!
Kenya memories.mp3
MP3 audio file [16.0 MB]
Detroit and Michigan revisited
Another remarkable gem from my travel locker. Detroit's re-emergence is nothing short of a miracle. A city reborn.
Her restored art-deco properties given a new lease of life, her once-abandoned automotive industry slowly returning.And of course, who can forget Motown. Detroit is also the gateway to the Great Lakes. A stunning region of natural beauty.
detroit and Michigan 2.mp3
MP3 audio file [20.1 MB]
Rome revisited
A fond look back at my last visit to Rome. Subterranean catacombs and plenty of top tips to see more than just Rome's iconic landmarks.
Rome revisited.mp3
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COVID 19. What next for the travel industry
Faced with such an extraordinary global crisis, Andy Mossack discusses what the travel industry is up against and if there is a way back from this.
Covid 19 what next for traavel.mp3
MP3 audio file [16.7 MB]
Abu Dhabi
The capital of the UAE has put family and couples tourism high up on the agenda with exciting new developments on its natural islands. Andy explores the new Rixos all-inclusive resort and Saadiyat and Yas islands as well as a good look around Abu Dhabi City.
Abu Dhabi.mp3
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Travel review of 2019
Andy looks back over his travel year and reveals his best three trips in 2019 and a few other honourable mentions too.
Where in the World Travel review[...]
MP3 audio file [15.8 MB]
This idyllic island has much to see then simply sun, sea and sand. Andy drops into Heritage Resorts while it hosts the Mauritius Open golf tournament and still has time to explore more of this beautiful island nation.
MP3 audio file [20.9 MB]
Ponant Antarctica Cruise
A Ponant cruise expedition adventure from Ushuaia to the Antarctic Penninsula via The Falklands and South Georgia might be dramatic enough but this was the inaugural cruise with National Geographic as an official partner. Andy defies the odds and connects to the studio with guest Captain David Marionneau aboard Le Soleal.
Antarctica Expedition cruise.mp3
MP3 audio file [10.4 MB]
Buenos Aires
Argentina's iconic capital is truly a 24-hour city. Vibrant barrios, elegant plazas and wide-open parks, this is the city where Tango is king and steaks are plenty. Join Andy Mossack as he tours the highlights of Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires.mp3
MP3 audio file [20.3 MB]
Cayman Islands
With crystal clear waters its no wonder commercial scuba diving was born here. Andy Mossack discovers friendly Stingrays, bioluminescent plankton and perhaps the best food in the Caribbean.
Cayman Islands.mp3
MP3 audio file [19.8 MB]
The historic birthplace of paella, Valencia is full of surprises. Baroque, Romanesque and gothic architecture and the Holy Grail in its historic centre, the quite extraordinary City of Arts and Sciences at the end of the stunning Turia Gardens, a city for foodies, and miles and miles of beaches. Andy Mossack takes us on a journey around Valencia's jewels.
MP3 audio file [20.2 MB]
Quito and Galapagos
Ecuador may be small but certainly packs a punch with the Amazon, the Andes, the coastline and the Galapagos all wrapped up in one country. Andy visits colonial Quito and of course the unique Galapagos Islands in a dream journey.
MP3 audio file [23.4 MB]
Radisson's refurb of the Blu Royal Viking provides the inspiration for a tour of Sweden's fascinating capital. The Vasa warship, the subway art, the old town and of course, the food and drink!
MP3 audio file [20.7 MB]
Vevey Winegrowers Festival 2019
A literal once in a generation occasion, the beautiful Swiss lakeside town of Vevey has hosted the Fete des Vignerons every 25 years since 1797 to celebrate Nature's gift of the vine. 20,000 spectators watch 6,000 town volunteers put on a show to rival London's Olympic opening ceremony. Andy drops in to watch and discover a few more of Vaud's stellar attractions.
vevey wine festival.mp3
MP3 audio file [19.3 MB]
Sardinia is an extraordinary island of staggering beauty; her coastline is awash with chalk-white sand and azure sea and pale granite boulders, etched by Nature into fabulous shapes, are everywhere. Perhaps it also holds the secret of long life as there are perhaps more centenarians on Sardina than anywhere else in the world.
MP3 audio file [23.8 MB]
The Hague and Dordrecht
The Hague and Dordrecht were just two of the many towns and cities that enjoyed great wealth and power throughout the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century. Andy explores both and reports back on what made them so great and glorious.
The Hague.mp3
MP3 audio file [22.9 MB]
Andy explores Moscow during a visit to celebrate the rebranding of the iconic Hotel Ukraine to the Radisson Collection Hotel Moscow. He joins in the fun, manages to land himself the very special Mercedes-designed Maybach Suite and takes in the Bolshoi.
MP3 audio file [21.2 MB]
Amelia Island and Fort Lauderdale
One of North Florida's hidden gems for Brit visitors, Amelia Island is a pocket rocket of barrier island fun. Lots of outdoor activities, of course, plenty of beaches, a strong British royal connection and even a Dickens weekend!
Amelia Island Florida.mp3
MP3 audio file [18.5 MB]
Anantara's Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort in northern Thailand offers a unique elephant experience to savour. This outstanding project to help captive elephants enjoy a better life back in the wild offers guests the opportunity to spend time close up with these wonderful gentle giants. Then down to the capital Bangkok to join in with the festivities at the inaugural King's Cup Elephant Boat Race and River Festival.
MP3 audio file [13.7 MB]
Cyprus, away from the beaches
Away from her tourist hot spots of Aya Nappa, Limassol and Larnaca, Andy Mossack explores Cyprus' dramatic interior. Beautiful mountain villages with traditional crafts and foods, history, culture and bucket loads of hospitality.
MP3 audio file [14.2 MB]
La Palma
For such a small island La Palma packs a mighty punch when it comes to things to see and do. Recognised by UNESCO as an official starlight reserve it has the world's largest optical telescope in the Observatory El Roque de Los Muchachos. There are also volcanoes to explore, tropical forests to wander, great beaches and some glorious food.
la palma.mp3
MP3 audio file [14.9 MB]
The Eternal City never fails to impress. Full of ancient wonders, great food and wine and more than a few noisy Vespas! This week Andy is invited to a grand hotel opening, explores the Termini neighbourhood and Rome's maze of underground catacombs.
MP3 audio file [11.4 MB]
Where in the World review 2018
it has been a busy year eating up the air miles in search of new destinations for Where in the World is Andy. In this last get together of 2018 I pick my top three most memorable trips of the year.
WITW year review.mp3
MP3 audio file [13.4 MB]
The country that launched the Arab Spring, Tunisia is getting back to business following the lifting of the flight ban. Andy visits a country rich in dates, olive oil, ancient antiquities and five-star resorts. He even gets to visit the Saharan Star Wars set of Mos Espa.
MP3 audio file [14.6 MB]
Tarragona, Spain
The home of the human towers, Tarragona is also a treasure trove of Roman antiquity with no less than 11 UNESCO-protected Roman remains. Listen to Andy joining in with tower training and enjoying some delightful Prioret wine.
MP3 audio file [14.8 MB]
Just 92 miles from Miami, yet seemingly further away from the USA than ever, the people of Cuba still manage to bring a sense of party, life and fun to everything they do. With Havana about to celebrate its 500th year in 2019 the celebrations have already started.
MP3 audio file [18.1 MB]
Valais, Switzerland
Autumn in Valais is certainly something to savour. The colours on the mountainsides turn red and gold and hundreds of years of alpine traditions still hold strong. Andy explores the chestnuts and saffron and even meets the Queen of cow fighting!
MP3 audio file [18.1 MB]
Fez, Morocco
Fez has always been an important city for Morocco but perhaps overshadowed for tourism by Marrakech. Its giant medina, the biggest traffic-free zone in the world has traded goods and leathers for thousands of years particularly the leather tanneries. Andy explores the ancient medina and rests his head at the luxurious Palais Amani.
MP3 audio file [14.2 MB]
Liguria and the Cinque Terre
Liguria's Cinque Terre National Park is outstanding. A UNESCO protected area of dramatic beauty embracing the legendary Cinque Terre, five small towns accessible only by rail, boat or on foot. Andy explores this rugged coast and uncovers more than a few surprises.
Cinque Terre.mp3
MP3 audio file [16.2 MB]
New Brunswick
Just five and a half hours away from the UK, New Brunswick's ocean coast and nearby islands offer some mouthwatering experiences for lovers of the great outdoors. Andy goes kayaking and whale watching on the Bay of Fundy while exploring Canada;s biggest maritime province.
new brunswick.mp3
MP3 audio file [18.8 MB]
Southern Brittany
Elegant La Baule and the shipbuilding expertise of St. Nazaire provide the backdrop this week.The rich and famous of Paris still flock to La Baule's fabulous beach to enjoy their summers as they have been doing for years. St. Nazaire's shipyard tour is nothing short of jaw dropping as is the German U boat base which is now the home of a stunning cruise liner experience. Let's also not forget the beautiful wetlands of the Brière and the salt marshes of Guérande.
La Baule.mp3
MP3 audio file [14.6 MB]
Every three weeks in winter, Sydney lights up to the VIVID sound and light festival. it's a hub of creativity and colour right across this famous harbour. But there are many more things to uncover; climbing the Coat Hanger, learning about Australia's indigenous people and enjoying many of Sydney's historic neighbourhoods now re-invented as trendy music and foodie hot spots.
MP3 audio file [18.0 MB]
The city on the Douro, Porto has been in the port wine business for over 400 years. Andy goes on a journey of port discovery with Taylor, Fladgate and Yeatman, from their vineyards up in the Douro Valley down to journey's end at the wine lodges at Porto. But Porto offers more than just port wine. This elegant city by the Douro holds more than a few surprises too!
MP3 audio file [14.8 MB]
The Island of Jersey
From his base at the delightful Atlantic Hotel on Jersey's beach rich west coast, Andy explores this beautiful island. From its soaring cliffs in the north to the subtle coves and bays of the south, Jersey's landscape is dramatic and beautiful. It's also got some extraordinary food to go with those world-famous potatoes!
MP3 audio file [18.8 MB]
Exploring Campania
Italy's Campania region is home to Naples, Pompeii and the glorious Amalfi coast. But completely overlooked (unless you are Italian),is further south along the Cilento coast.Stunning beaches, coves and bays and plenty of buffalo mozzarella farms. Andy explores what Camapnia has to offer.
MP3 audio file [14.8 MB]
Aboard Ponant Cruise ship Le Lyrial
The Garden Route from Cape Town along the Eastern Cape is a famous drive, but how about sailing it on a luxury expedition ship? Andy takes a cruise on Ponant's Le Lyrial, sits with Captain Garcia on the bridge and enjoys a very French inspired cruise up to Durban.
Ponant Cruise.mp3
MP3 audio file [12.0 MB]
Cape Town
Known as the Mother City, Cape Town's spectacular views are just one of her many attractions. With so much to see, how does Andy pack it all into a week? Find out about Cape Town's special relationship with Table Mountain, Cape Point and how the new Rainbow Nation of South Africa is welcoming visitors.
Cape Town.mp3
MP3 audio file [20.1 MB]
Kenya. A three centre adventure.
Kenya's beaches offer a relaxing Indian ocean holiday, but Andy explores Kenya's interior with a Fairmont three-centre holiday; Nairobi, Mount Kenya and the legendary Masai Mara. Up close and personal with some of the most exciting wildlife in the world.
MP3 audio file [16.6 MB]
Wind River Country, Wyoming.
The movie Wind River is the perfect showcase for Wyoming's endless open spaces. This is proper cowboy country and the winter snows add another element to a land filled with history, Arapaho and Shoshone culture, epic landscapes and bountiful wildlife. Andy goes beyond Yellowstone to sample the real Wyoming. Wind River is out on Blu-ray and DVD on January 22. Visit
MP3 audio file [18.1 MB]
Ferrara and Emilia-Romagna
Ferrara together with the other major towns and cities of the Emilia-Romagna region, are treasure troves of medieval and renaissance art and architecture.It's also a region blessed with some of the best food products in Italy; Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic vinegar and Parma Ham.
MP3 audio file [15.7 MB]
St. Lucia
An island fought over by the French and English 14 times leaves a multi cultural legacy influenced in the language, the food and the traditions. Andy Mossack explores St. Lucia's northern and southern regions; drive-in volcanoes, stunning coastlines and of course plenty of rum!
MP3 audio file [15.4 MB]
Ras al-Khaimah
The UAEs northernmost emirate, so long in the shadows of its more famous neighbours Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has quietly developed into a serious destination for tourists looking for a less hectic holiday. RAKs mountains, desert and glorious beaches offer a real UAE alternative, with plenty of sun of course, great hotels and exciting activities. Andy investigates the world's longest zip line and even has time to win a golf tournament!
MP3 audio file [17.7 MB]
Le Touquet
Once dubbed "Paris by the Sea" because of the droves of rich and famous who came here in the 20s and 30s, the town still retains its elegance from those heady days. Join Andy as he takes a tour around Le Touquet in the footsteps of James Bond's creator Ian Fleming who lived here for a time and drew his inspiration for Casino Royale from the town's casino.
Le touquet.mp3
MP3 audio file [13.9 MB]
The wonderful historic city of Girona may be tucked under the wings of Barcelona her bigger sister, but there is no escaping her beauty. Wonderful twisty streets and Romanesque architecture abounds here amid the culture and passion of Catalonia. Andy also has time to take a break at the nearby PGA Catalunya Golf resort too.
MP3 audio file [15.4 MB]
Lake Como
Lake Como's beauty is stuff of legend and obviously the haunt of the rich and famous. But is there an affordable option too? Andy explores Como's sights and at the same time enjoys an all-inclusive hotel package.
MP3 audio file [16.8 MB]
Amsterdam's stunning network of canals and her many musuems are the main magnets for tourists, but what about the diverse neighbourhoods surrounding the busy centre? Andy Mossack explores a less crowded and commercial side of the city.
MP3 audio file [17.6 MB]
Right at the crossroads of Europe, Serbia has been a melting pot of cultures for centuries. With the Danube and Savva rivers on the doorstep, Serbia and it's capital Belgrade are well worth considering for a long weekend's very affordable, very lively with some of the best nightlife in Europe.
MP3 audio file [15.0 MB]
Detroit and Michigan
Detroit's extraordinary renaissance is full steam ahead. A meeting with a Motown legend is unforgettable as is a drive across Michigan to its lakeside coast to Holland and the annual tulip festival.
MP3 audio file [17.2 MB]
Saga Cruise around the Canary Islands and Azores
Andy finds his perceptions kicked into touch while on board Saga Pearl II cruising the Canary Islands and Azores. Active excusrions, whale and dolphin watching and gentlemen dancer partners for solo ladies. Who ever said a Saga cruise is for the sedentary?
Saga cruise Canary Islands.mp3
MP3 audio file [12.0 MB]
The Bailey Arctic Challenge in Finnish Lapland
The Bailey Arctic Challenge is driving two caravans and a motor home from Millbrook Bedfordshire to their Ivalo test tracks in northern Finland. After 2,500 miles, Andy joins the convoy in Oulu and shares in the fun with Ice Road driving, crossing the Arctic Circle line at Santa's Village and joining in the celebrations as the team finally reaches Ivalo.
MP3 audio file [16.4 MB]
Santa Monica
With its miles of open beach front and famous wooden pier, Santa Monica is LA by the sea. Just 30 minutes from downtown LA, it is a town that's easy to walk around and even easier to bump into someone famous. The art deco Hotel Shangri-La has had its fair share of famous too, one of Santa Monica's most iconic buildings. Andy is joined by owner and long-time Santa Monica resident Tamie Adaya
Santa Monica.mp3
MP3 audio file [13.6 MB]
Is there an Orlando beyond the theme parks? Andy accepts the challenge and finds Orlando surprisingly full of theme park alternatives. Why spend a fortune to stand in lines all day when you can enjoy the delights of central Florida.
MP3 audio file [16.9 MB]
Meribel, The Three Valleys
With over 600 kilometres of ski runs and 160 ski lifts the Three Valleys is the world's biggest skiing area. But France's Savoie region offers much more than just the pistes, with the delightful Chambéry and Aix les Bains there is much history and culinary pleasures to explore.
MP3 audio file [15.8 MB]
Japan's attractions do not stop at Tokyo. Outside the capital lies some wonderful destinations and Andy explores the prefectures of Yamanashi and Kanagawa to visit Mount Fuji and indulge in wellness, hot springs and winemaking.
MP3 audio file [15.5 MB]
The city once termed The Sleeping Beauty is now fully awake as a notable tourist destination. great wine of course, but with a new clean face, the extra-ordinary Water Mirror attraction and the stunning Cite du Vin wine museum, it is a city that must be visited. Andy walks on water and makes his own wine at Chateau Pape Clement.
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The city of brotherly love and liberty, Philadelphia's tax free shopping, arts,culture and great historical significance offers just as much attraction as New York. And Rocky of course!
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Amalfi, Italy
The glamorous and beautiful coastline of Amalfi has been the magnet for lovers, artists, photographers and writers for decades. But there are some other architectural wonders to explore too, and Andy Mossack this week finds himself in the Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel, formerly an ancient monastery built into the cliffs high above the town.
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Rovinj, Croatia
Often described as the belle of Istria, Rovinj is the perfect holiday town by the Adriatic. This delightful fishing town is getting ready to celebrate St. Euphemia Day and Andy Mossack is there, in the stunning Hotel Lone, to join in the fun.
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Andy explores the wild countryside of Languedoc-Roussillon in south west France. In particular the wonderful medieval city of Carcassonne and living like a local in the wonderful 12 century six bedroom Chateau Aragon perched at the summit of the charming hilltop village of Aragon.
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The gateway to the American west, Colorado is a state of mountains and prairies, with the Mile High city of Denver as its capital. Andy takes to the saddle on a dude ranch in Loveland, as well as exploring Denver and The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs.
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Grand Tour of Switzerland
The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a unique round trip by car or bike which links all of Switzerland's best tourist attractions without using motorways.The 1,600 kilometre route takes Andy through the four linguistic regions of Switzerland, German, Italian, French and Romanch meeting a huge cast of characters and some of the most striking scenery on Earth.
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Andy grabs an E Bike and takes to Menorca's countryside on a 6 day self guided biking tour around the island with Freewheel Holidays. A network lanes framed by dry stone walls, hidden coves, unspoiled beaches and plenty of welcoming Menorcan food and wine on hand to help ease the saddle sores!
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This week Andy takes a tour of three Emirates of the of UAE, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and of course Dubai, discovering more than just a playground for the jet set.
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What Nevis lacks in size,she more than makes up for in charm, hospitality and history. This is a Caribbean island of sugar cane plantations, swaying palms and where Lord Nelson met and married his wife Fanny. There's also a new kid in town, as the second Nevis Blues Festival hits the beach. A Where in the World first. Reggae meets Blues and Andy is loving it!
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Turning south away from Benidorm uncovers a land of orange and lemon groves, historical cities like Murcia and Cartagena and the veritable golfing oasis that is Las Colinas Golf & Country Club. Andy gets close up and friendly with some on site falcons as he explores the world south of Alicante.
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Portugal's Atlantic island has long been associated with fine fortified wines, tropical flowers and Lavada walks, and perhaps a reputation as a destination for senior citizens. These days the island has activities for all ages including canyoning, hiking and diving.
There is even a spot of tobogganing thrown in for good measure!
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France's second city, Lyon's historical significance as the centre of silk weaving brought wealth and riches enabling a stunning Renaissance old town between two great rivers. No less than 22 Michelin chefs are based here and of course, the Lumiere brothers created cinematic history right here.
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Umbria and Foligno
Umbria is no longer Tuscany's little sister, if anything it has more to offer visitors, with its historic hill top towns and villages, its delicious cuisine and its access to the stunning Apennine mountains
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Savoie Mont Blanc
A region covering two thirds of the French Alps with over 100 ski resorts including Chamonix, Corchevel and Val D'Isere, Andy steps into the void at the top of the World and enjoys the good like in Sameons at Villa Rose Hotel.
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Jerusalem, Israel
Not content with simply touring the ancient and timeless streets of the Old City, Andy also joins the culinary masters in the kitchen at the new Waldorf Astoria to watch them dream up a new signature dish for 2016.
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Hanoi, North Vietnam
Andy's tour of Vietnam finishes in Hanoi, Vietnam's capital. Hanoi's 32 lakes provide the space and peace away from the old quarter's twisty streets and vendors.
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Saigon. South Vietnam
A city that has witnessed so much conflict is now the beating heart of Vietnam's popularity explosion. World class food, warm friendly people and a stunning skyline add to the intoxication that is Saigon. Not to mention the millions of bikes!
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Thrace, Turkey
The most westerly stretch of Turkey with the Black sea in the north and the Marmara in the south, Thrace is a region practically unknown outside of Turkey itself. it is a region blessed with weather and soil perfect for wine, and offers a treasure trove of history going back centuries.
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Val Gardena, Italy
Nestled in the south Tyrol, Val Gardena is the valley home to three villages surrounded by the pale UNESCO protected Dolomites. A curious mix of German and Italian cultures abounds. These unique mountains offer summer hiking and biking trails, free range livestock and in winter, world class skiing.
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Memphis, Tennessee
This legendary city at the crossroads of blues and rock and roll was the climax to my Only in America road trip through Kentucky and Tennessee. Newport's mob history, Covington's Underground Railroad for slaves escaping to freedom, Muhammad Ali's Louisville, Lexington's Bourbon and Horses and of course over to Nashville and Memphis
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Montreux, Switzerland
Montreux is the legendary town on the shores of Lake Geneva. The home of the annual jazz festival, it's where Queen recorded many of their hits and was the inspiration for Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water.
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Andermatt, Switzerland
Once a famous resort as the crossroads of Europe, Andermatt is enjoying a renaissance under the investment of Egyptian developer Samih Sawiris. Andy relives a famous Goldfinger movie scene and visits the source of the Rhine and the Rhone.
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Aspen, Colorado
Aspen and her neighbour Snowmass, in summer are glorious places.The Maroon Bells may be the most famous mountain peaks, but there are more than enough other peaks to go around. Andy hikes, takes a mountain bike ride and joins a local rodeo.
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A cruise along the Danube.
Taking an all inclusive cruise east along the Danube River I encounter all kinds of wonderful things along the way. Tales from war-torn towns in former communist countries, brutal dictators, majestic palaces and stunning scenery not to mention the odd impaling vampire.
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Campbeltown, Scotland
The Mull of Kintrye, links golf and a wee dram of course describe Scotland's rugged west coast. Andy Mossack takes a road trip along the Kintyre Way from Campbeltown up past Oban to the Isle of Eriska.
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Le Marche, Italy
A region not many people outside Italy have heard of but this beautiful area deserves to be visited. Blue flag beaches and the stunning Sibillini mountains offer dramatic contrasts for tourists. Listen to Tim and Maddy Jones a brave UK couple who left their successful careers to open their luxury boutique Hotel Leone in the hilltop village of Montelparo.
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Quinta do Lago and The Algarve
By the banks of the stunning Ria Formosa, the serene estate of Quinta do Lago hosts championship golf courses, restaurants and stunning hotels and defines the spirit of Algarvian hospitality.
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This magnificent city is home to some of the best wines in the world, but these days it has a new look to it after a huge clean up has restored it to its former glory. Mind you Hotel Le St James' Harley Davidson room was not too shabby either!
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Park City Utah
Skiing has never been so good. Three world class ski resorts and a bundle of snow fun for Andy Mossack this week.
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Taiwan Lantern Festival
The annual Taiwan Lantern Festival kicks off in a blaze of glory. Find out what else Andy has been up to.
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Istanbul, where history meets fine food.
Apart from the antiquities and culture, Istanbul's majestic size across two continents provides more then enough to stimulate any visitor. Andy tucks into Hilton hospitality too judging dishes from its executive chefs.
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The Seychelles
Perhaps the true Garden of Eden as suggested by General Gordon after a visit to Praslin Island's Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, the Seychelles Islands are the definition of picture postcard paradise. Andy Mossack goes in search of the ultimate beach holiday.
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